EDC Board Meeting Public Notice – 16 September 2020

EDC Board Part I Minutes 19 August 2020

EDC-020-086 CEO Part I Report September 2020

EDC-020-087 Ebbsfleet Living September Board 2020

EDC-020-088 Communications Report September 2020

EDC-020-088 Communications Annex A Media September

EDC-020-088 Communications Annex B September 2020

EDC-020-089 Planning and Housing Delivery Report September 2020

EDC-020-089 Annex A Planning Highlight Report

EDC-020-089 Annex B Planning Housing Dashboard Sept 2020

EDC-020-090 Finance Operations Report August 2020

EDC-020-090 Finance Annex A – as at 31 August 2020

Responses to Public Questions September 2020 – Final