About Us

We are the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, set up by Government to speed up delivery of up to 15,000 homes and create a 21st century Garden City in north Kent.

We are working with local authorities and local communities to develop a shared vision for the area, providing high quality, attractive and sustainably-constructed housing as well as opportunities to work with an ambition to create 30,000 jobs.

We have a strong planning service and we are the planning authority for Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Our core infrastructure programme will deliver gas and electricity networks, telecoms, water services and the highways people need.

We have established strong, constructive relationships with landowners, developers and utility companies to ensure all infrastructure projects are delivered  since  former Chancellor, George Osborne, announced the Garden City.

The Ebbsfleet, Northfleet and Swanscombe area has huge potential to create not only new homes, but also a vibrant and cohesive place where people will want to live and work.

Strong communities have lived in this area for generations. Many of the communities formed the workforce that kept the cement industry thriving for many years.

The people of Northfleet and Swanscombe regularly engage with us and are keen to see new houses and community facilities delivered in the coming years.