No, we act as the catalyst for home building by helping to bring landowners and developers together as well as considering all panning applications as the area’s planning authority. We can carry out studies of the infrastructure needs of the Garden City and present business cases for undertaking investment. That could apply as much to investment in private infrastructure (electricity water, etc) as to public infrastructure (roads, schools etc).
To see the area covered by the development corporation please click here
No, Kent County Council is the highways authority for all roads in the development area.
We welcome all planning applications and you can submit an application here
There are a number of house builders actively building homes in the Garden City.   To find out about new homes for sale please visit Redrow, Barratt David Wilson, Countryside and Taylor Wimpey.
There will be local shopping facilities and neighbourhood centres in the Garden City to ensure residents can buy everyday needs and provisions.   The Garden City is near to Gravesend and Dartford Town Centres, and is also very close to Bluewater Shopping Centre, where the major high street names operate.
The Garden City will offer a range of commercial units, workspaces and facilities. The area around Ebbsfleet International Station and Northfleet Embankment have been designated an ‘Enterprise Zone’ – which will offer attractive Business Rate Relief to new and existing businesses established there.
The Garden City will offer access to the full range of health and community facilities and services available in other parts of Dartford and Gravesham.   The first new Primary School will open in 2017 and Ebbsfleet Academy is the local existing Secondary School.  There are other Grammar, Faith, Single Sex and Academies nearby.There are GP Practices located near to the Garden City.  As the population grows there will be GP Practices and health hubs within the Garden City.   Darent Valley Hospital is nearby and there is a walk in urgent care centre located in Gravesend.
We have powers, similar to those available to local authorities, to buy land on a compulsory basis. Compulsory purchase orders are not used lightly and may be required only rarely, where negotiations to purchase land fail.
We are a transparent organisation and will always answer your questions. To submit a question to us click here. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public with access to information held by public bodies. As an arm’s length body of the Department for Communities and Local Government, the EDC will be bound by the same obligations. Click here to find out what to do.
We do not own the land in the Garden City area but are able to invest directly in infrastructure that unlocks development. This could include investing in public infrastructure such as roads or investing on commercial terms in individual development sites e.g. to fund ground preparation
Our ability to determine planning applications will be a key mechanism for ensuring the delivery of high-quality, sustainable development needed to fulfil the vision for the Garden City.
You can view all applications by clicking here where you also have the chance to comment on them. We are the planning authority for the Garden City and the planning committee meets regularly. To see the dates please click here
We welcome all views and you can submit a question to our board for consideration. To find out how, click here
All our staff, with their contact numbers and emails, are here. You can also find our contact details here
A map of the Development Corporation area can be found here.
As soon as the planning powers came into force, the Development Corporation became the local planning authority responsible for the determination of planning decisions for its area. Initiating its planning powers in July gave time for the Development Corporation to build on its knowledge and understanding of the local area to fulfil its role as local planning authority. This was a matter which was considered to be important to those who responded to the consultation.
Pre-application engagement is a highly valuable tool that offers significant opportunities to improve the quality of a scheme and its likelihood for success and improves the efficiency of the planning application process. The Development Corporation encourages engagement in pre-application discussions for any proposal within its boundary.

There is no fee and no form to complete. Applicants should provide a full description of the development, a plan indicating the extent of the site area, layout plans, elevational drawings together with any other relevant information and supporting documentation. Pre-application enquiries should be sent to EDCplanning@ebbsfleet.org.uk and include contact details. A case officer will be allocated and will contact you as soon as possible following submission.

Applicants and agents should send all application documentation direct to the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, including the fee. A case officer will be allocated and we will send out the relevant acknowledgement notices consultations and publicity directly.

The Development Corporation will be the point of contact for all correspondence throughout the course of the application will provide feedback on any comments from consultees and any other advice as the case develops.

Planning application fees are set nationally and will be calculated in the same way for applications in the Development Corporation area. Applicants can pay the fee and submit planning applications online via the Planning Portal website (https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200126/applications). Applicants are encouraged to use the Planning Portal and may need to register if it is the first time using the service. Registration is easy and applicants can complete their application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online. Alternatively a cheque may be sent directly to us made payable to ‘Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’.

The Development Corporation will make and issue the decision on all proposals that fall within its powers, including full and outline permissions, EIA screening and scoping opinions, variations to conditions (Section 73), reserved matters applications, non-material amendments and listed building consents. The Corporation does not have powers to determine some applications for example certificates of lawfulness (existing or proposed use) or consent to display advertisements. If you have any uncertainty, please contact us.

Once a planning application has been validated, local planning authorities are expected to make a decision on the proposal as quickly as possible and in any event within the statutory time limit, unless a longer period is agreed in writing with the applicant. This applies equally to the Development Corporation, which is committed to help deliver developments at speed.

The statutory time limits are usually 13 weeks for applications for major development and 8 weeks for all other types of development (unless an application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, in which case a 16 week limit applies).

The decision making process will fundamentally be the same as it would be if the local authorities were still determining the application. Whatever decision is made on a planning application, the factors under consideration will remain the same for the Development Corporation as it would for the existing local authorities. Planning law requires that applications for planning permission must be determined in accordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise, and regard had to any representations received. Determinations made by the Development Corporation will therefore be made having consideration to the relevant development plans corresponding to the area in which the site is located and comments from members of the public and statutory consultees.

The adopted local plans for the local authorities which provide the framework for planning decisions can be found at the following links:

Dartford Borough Council https://www.dartford.gov.uk/by-category/environment-and-planning2/new-planning-homepage/planning-policy

Gravesham Borough Council http://www.gravesham.gov.uk/services/environment-and-planning/planning/planning-policy

Kent County Council http://www.kent.gov.uk/about-the-council/strategies-and-policies/environment-waste-and-planning-policies/planning-policies/minerals-and-waste-local-plan

The Development Corporation now maintains an online planning register which contains information on all planning applications within our area and can be accessed from: http://applications.ebbsfleet.org.uk/online-applications/.

If you want to comment on a planning application that has not yet been decided, planning applications inside the Corporation’s boundary will be available for public comment as they would be without a Development Corporation. The easiest way to make comments is online via the above address or alternatively, you can send in your representations direct by email or post.

It is important that the planning application reference number and site address is provided when making a representation, as well as your name and address. This is needed because local planning authorities are not able to consider anonymous comments.

Please be aware that any representations received are put on a public file and will be available for anyone to view.

The majority of decisions on applications submitted to the Development Corporation are likely to be delegated to officers for decision in conformity with the Development Corporation’s Scheme of Delegation (available here). Information on Development Corporation Planning Committees, including arrangements and protocol for public speaking, are published on the Corporation’s website. The meetings are generally held at the Eastgate Centre, Springhead Park.
Where it is clear at the outset that an extended period will be necessary to process an application, the Development Corporation would welcome the applicant to enter into a planning performance agreement before the application is submitted. A planning performance agreement is a project management tool which sets timescales for actions between the local planning authority and an applicant. Applicants or their agents should discuss the potential planning performance agreement with the Development Corporation.
Details pursuant to conditions on planning approvals should be submitted direct to the Development Corporation together with any relevant application form and fee, either online or by post. The Development Corporation will be the point of contact, feedback on any comments made by consultees and determine the submission.
Applicants or agents should contact the Development Corporation directly to discuss the potential amendment and the Corporation will advise of the best course of action.
The powers to determine Lawful Development Certificates have not been transferred to the Development Corporation. There will be no change to current Lawful Development Certificate procedures and you should apply to the relevant local planning authority for the area where the site is located.
The Development Corporation has some planning enforcement controls and can consider breaches of planning control such as building works or change of use of land or buildings which do not have planning permission. If planning permission is not required, it will not be possible to take any action.

To report an apparent breach of planning control email EDCplanning@ebbsfleet.org.uk with your contact details. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

There will be no change to current Building Control procedures as a result of the establishment of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. There are a number of providers for building control services in Kent. These include local authority providers as follows:

For the Gravesham area – South Thames Gateway Building Control Partnership

Website: http://www.stgbc.org.uk/ Telephone: 01634 331133. Email: building@stgbc.org.uk

For the Dartford area – Dartford Borough Council Building Control Service

Website: http://www.dartford.gov.uk/by-category/environment-and-planning2/building-control

Telephone: 01322 343434. Email: customer.services@dartford.gov.uk