EDC Board Meeting Public Notice – 17 June 2020

EDC Board Minutes 20 May 2020 – Part I Minutes

EDC-020-054 CEO Part I Report June 2020 (1)

EDC-020-054 Annex A CEO Part I Report LRCH press release

EDC-020-054 Annex B CEO Part I Report Springhead Bridge (1)

EDC-020-055 Ebbsfleet Living

EDC-020-055 Annex A Ebbsfleet Living – Planning to support Garden City communities in response to Coronavirus June 2020

EDC-020-056 Communications Report June 2020

EDC-020-056 Communications Annex A June Board Media

EDC-020-056 Communications Annex B

EDC-020-057 Planning and Housing Delivery Report June 2020

EDC-020-057 Planning & Housing Delivery Annexes A-E Site Highlight Reports

EDC-020-057 Planning and Housing Delivery Annex F Dashboard June 20

EDC-020-057 Planning and Housing Delivery Annex G Revised Planning Committee TOR DRAFT

EDC-020-058 Finance Operations Report May 2020

EDC-020-058 Annex A Finance as at 31 May 2020

EDC-020-058 Annex B Scheme of Delegation review June 2020 

Responses to Public Questions June 2020 Final