Major  Parks

Concerts in the park

Major  parks are large areas of open space, that are landmarks in their own right, and are capable of accommodating larger scaled sports and leisure facilities ( such as sports pitches and running tracks) and the city’s larger cultural events.  

  • The Ebbsfleet Implementation Framework identifies seven city parks, each one exemplifying a different local landscape; marsh, gorge, industrial estuarine river, calcareous river, mount, quarry and lake.  
  • Only half of the city parks are included in a current planning permission, and are therefore likely to be delivered through a range of approaches. 


City Park Delivery  

  • The major parks should be planned and delivered as a network. 
  • Each major park is expected to be delivered as a bespoke project.  
  • The opportunities and constraints of the location and landscape/topography should be used to test potential facilities.  
  • Major  Parks should include both ‘neighbourhood level facilities’, and ‘city-wide’ facilities. 

Click on the boxes below to see the 7 major parks being developed in Ebbsfleet Garden City 

Blue Lake Park

Craylands Gorge Park

Ebbsfleet Central Park

Ebbsfleet River Park

Northfleet Riverside Park

Swanscombe Peninsula Park

Whitecliffe Lakes

How you can get to each of the planned parks