guide to taking a project to the design forum

Design forum request

The Ebbsfleet Design Forum was established in 2019 to help to deliver exemplary design quality across Ebbsfleet Garden City. The Forum is made up of 23 independent professional with a broad range of experience across key design areas, including architecture, landscape design, sustainability, inclusive design and transport planning.

The Forum promotes an open and discursive review model based on round-table discussion between design forum members, scheme promoters, their design team and EDC’s planning team.

Which projects should be reviewed by the Design Forum?

All significant projects being submitted for planning approval are expected to be reviewed by the Ebbsfleet Design Forum.

EDC will also be taking its own projects to the Design Forum.

The Design Forum will provide independent advice and expertise from a range of design specialisms, to help applicants and their design teams deliver the optimum quality and value from their projects.

Future Design Forum Dates for 2022

The following dates are scheduled for future Design Forums, however we are also able to arrange Design Forum sessions on other dates, subject to the availability of Forum members, and the level of notice provided when making a booking.

May 25th

June 29th

July 27th

August 31st

September 28th

October 26th

November 30th