Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will spearhead the Government’ Starter Home Project – but what could that mean for you?

These Frequently Asked Questions may help:

Do I qualify for the Starter Homes scheme? If you are a first time buyer, aged 23-40, then you could get a discount of at least 20 per cent below market value.

Why was Ebbsfleet Garden City chosen for the scheme? The Government believes we can help deliver these Starter Homes quickly and selected us as the only non local-authority in the country.

How may homes will be built? We estimate up to 635 homes Starter Homes will be built.

What will the money the Government has given you be used for? We were chosen because we get things done. The money awarded to Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will be used to resolve any problems on housing sites. That then allows the developer to get on site, quickly, and get the homes built.

When will they go on sale? It’s still early days however, we think the first set of houses will start to be built in the  summer of 2018.

Where will the homes be built? The majority of the homes could be built on Northfleet Riverfront and a newly-created city centre we are developing near Ebbsfleet International Station.

Can I buy one of the homes from you? No, we do not sell homes. You will deal directly with the developer as you would any other home. We will however tell you when Starter Homes are being built and  by who so you can register your interest early with the developer. Keep and eye on this website.

So which developers will build them? It’s too early to say but watch our website for updates.

I have another question, what should I do? There are more details about Starter Homes on the Government’s website here  or send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer here