Ebbsfleet Garden City’s Community Board

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation believes that there is nobody better placed than local people to tell us where our priorities should be.

We want you to help us plan and deliver facilities, activities and events, tell us what we are doing right and what you think can be improved.

We set up the Ebbsfleet Garden City Community Board to do exactly this.

It is made up of seven residents who applied to be in the board, three members of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation board including the Leader of Dartford Council Jeremy Kite as chairman,  and two council representatives from Gravesham and Dartford.

We are committed to ensure that as our community grows the number of things to do, places to go, and activities to take part in grow too.

What will the Ebbsfleet Garden City Community Board do?

Provide advice, support and insight to the EDC Board in developing an enlightened approach to community events and activities.

Work with local networks and partnerships that support neighbourhoods across the Garden City and the links between new and existing communities.

Advise EDC on appropriate investment, grants and aid to local groups and projects.

Work with EDC to attract additional support and match-funding to improve community development at Ebbsfleet Garden City still further.

Support and advise EDC on the delivery of events and activities to promote a high quality of life for people who live in, work in and visit the Garden City.

How will the board work?

Members of the Ebbsfleet Garden City Community Board will act as a point of contact for local people seeking support for events, activities and facilities in the Garden City.

They  will advise the EDC Board on community matters and provide a direct local insight.

Members will help the EDC Board, its officers and partners deliver activities, consultations and events locally.

First meeting of Ebbsfleet Community Board is held

Community board meetings

A meeting of the Community Board will take place by video conference. See the agenda here.

AGENDA – 17th November 2020 final