Greening Your Garden Citygrab your free tree 

 We are kicking off the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations by making free trees available for all residents to plant in their gardens to commemorate the event in 2022.

We are already a ‘green’ city with various initiatives such as Edible Ebbsfleet to help our residents grow things and opportunities to take part in wellbeing activities focusing on the outdoors. So continuing with this theme, we are making trees available with a range of benefits including; biodiversity value, ornamental value, wildlife-friendly or fruit-bearing. 

 Trees help clean the air we breathe, provide shade on sunny days, and bring us one of nature’s greatest joys: a sense of being surrounded by nature. But trees do so much more than that. They help our health and wellbeing in several ways, from reducing stress to improving our mood. 

 Trees are amazing. 

 Trees provide interest in many forms; flower, fruit, bark and trunks. And support a huge range of wildlife, including birds, mammals and insects, providing food, shelter and valuable nesting sites.   

 Treeshey provide shade on hot days and reduce the impact of rain and wind, making us feel more comfortable and reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. They also help reduce air pollution, which is good for our respiratory health. Trees also provide a range of other benefits, such as improving soil quality and habitats for wildlife. 

 The Queen also loves trees. 

 As part of the Platinum Jubilee in 2022, The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative  encourages individuals, towns and cities in the United Kingdom to ‘green’ where they live across the United Kingdom andto ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’. You can play your part in enhancing your environment by taking up the offer of a free tree for every home in the Garden City on us.  For residents living in apartments outdoor plants and herbs will be available to ensure that everyone can take part. 

 There will be events across the area where you can come to look and pick up your sapling tree, so lookout for a flyer through your door. Bring it with you to claim your free tree.  

With our partners, Provender Nursery, we will offer a great range of native, wildlife friendly and edible trees at these events, chosen to suit the soil and conditions for Ebbsfleet Garden City. 


Friday 4th March: 14:30-18:00 – Castle Hill Public Square, Cherry Orchard Road, Ebbsfleet Valley, DA10 1BR   


Saturday 5th March: 12:00-16:00 – Springhead Park Primary School, 190 Springhead Pkwy, 

DA11 8BY 


Friday 11th March: 14:30-18:00 – Keepmoat/Cable Wharf Marketing Suite, Crete Hall Rd, Northfleet, DA11 



Saturday 12th March: 12:00-16:00 – Ebbsfleet Green Primary School, Ackers Dr, Ebbsfleet Valley, DA10 



Friday 18th March: 14:30-18:00 – Castle Hill Public Square, Cherry Orchard Road, Ebbsfleet Valley, 

 DA10 1BR 


We appreciate that not everyone has access to a garden, so we are making a small number of outdoor plants available too. All plants will provide colour and interest in both foliage and flower to enhance your balcony in the same way as the trees will enhance a garden.  


Don’t have green fingers? Don’t worry! 


We are working with a certified trade Nursery, Provender Nursery, to provide the trees, and together we’ve produced a planting guide for you which you can download here.