Grove Road

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation is looking at creating a new riverside residential quarter in the Grove Road area of Northfleet.

Plans include 320 new homes, at least a third of which will be affordable homes, plus 60, 2 bed retirement homes,  restaurants, employment space, a new route for Fastrack linking right across Northfleet, two new parks and better access to the riverside, all supported by enhanced flood protection.

The development will also see the restoration of derelict heritage buildings to form 380sqm of new community space and new public plaza forming a setting for a restored Aspdin’s Kiln. Aspdin’s Kiln is the country’s oldest cement kiln and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The EDC are focused on the areas heritage leading and informing the design of the new neighbourhood as its own distinctive and welcoming space.

Last year, 530 homes were approved for Ebbsfleet Garden City in nearby Northfleet West and one of the key aspects of the Development Corporation’s proposals is to build on those approved plans by creating wider regeneration benefits.

The two sites could accommodate 950 homes overall.

The proposal will further enhance the area and create a new vibrant community on the waterfront in a part of the River Thames that has not been opened up to the public in more than 100 years.

You can read more on the two public consultations we have already carried out here and here 

The EDC have been actively negotiating with businesses and freeholders in the Grove Road area as we seek to assemble land and create a new riverside residential area. This work is underpinned by the Relocation Strategy, Acquisition Strategy and Fees Policy. The documents can be accessed via this link.

Grove Road Handling Arrangements 

Grove Road Relocation Strategy

Grove Road Professional Fee Policy

Grove Road Acquisition Strategy

The Strategies set out how we will cover reasonable costs and be as flexible as possible in our discussions. If you would like to understand more about how to access support please contact Janet Davies in the first instance via who will be able to assist you.