Health and wellbeing in Ebbsfleet Garden City

Dartford and Gravesham are already well served with healthcare services. We are working closely with the NHS and other local and regional health bodies to ensure that the current and future population has appropriate access to healthcare. We will keep you updated as plans progress.

Our maps below show the local provision.

Health and wellbeing is about so much more than access to medical provision. The NHS recognise that clinical care and health behaviours account for only 50% of health outcomes.

People’s opportunities for health are influenced by factors outside of the health and social care system. They lie in the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age: the social determinants of health. These are the ‘causes of the causes’ of ill health and they can enable individuals and societies to flourish, or not. Creating a healthier population requires greater action on these issues. This includes addressing the role of both the physical built environment and the social factors which shape neighbourhoods and places.              

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Choosing the right services for a healthy lifestyle