Getting Active

This programme ran in 2017 for a year

Get active in Ebbsfleet Garden City and help us to design and prioritise the parks, walkways, cycle ways and leisure facilities for the future. So what is our Digital Movement Project?

We want our residents to be physically fit, more active and to live healthier lifestyles.

We have launched the Digital Movement Project to encourage residents and workers in the Garden City to take more control of your health.

By increasing your physical activity in different ways, you are making a positive impact on your health now and in the future.

The project will last for one year – and volunteers have been given a  Fit Bit to help them monitor their activity.

They can

  • Take the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle; walk, cycle and explore the Garden City.
  • Be an active part of the project – share ideas, get outdoors invite other members to join you
  • Get to know other people in the project, join support networks or set one up yourself – do active healthy things that interest you, and meet like-minded people to give you support to sustain your activity
  • Attend quarterly meetings to review the progress of the project and to give us your views and experiences which will help us design a ʻHealthy Garden Cityʼ for the future

We will also invite you to attend walks, talks, activities and workshops to explore healthier living in the Garden City.

You will have opportunities to make suggestions to create an even healthier Garden City, by staying involved in the Project and connecting regularly with the Healthy New Towns team and to share your ideas with other volunteers.

What activities can you do in Ebbsfleet Garden City?

Have a look at these activities around Ebbsfleet Garden City