Here’s another story on how the Ebbsfleet Garden City Get Active app has helped one user – who admits to not exercising and using her car too much.

Aman joined Get Active in Ebbsfleet in November. At the time she was very inactive, did no form of exercise and used to use the car 4 days a week.

Here is what she said about how using the BetterPoints app and joining Get Active in Ebbsfleet changed all that:

‘I started using the Betterpoints app after it was recommended by my sister and I was trying to form healthier habits anayway. I love putting on some headphones, listening to my podcasts and just going for a walk. Over time, I realised I was taking the car or getting buses to places that I could have just walked to. For example, now I just walk to go shopping – its great exercise for arms when I carry the shopping back! The app has just reminded me how I can easily get exercise into my day-to-day life. I love how it informs me how far I’ve walked and the calories burned, alongside the little reminders to get some activity into my day. It’s like a little health pal in my pocket.

How has the app motivated you in lockdown?

I am currently a student at university so when my sports clubs were shut due to the COVID lockdowns I was a bit distraught and worried about how I’d get my daily exercise, but the app helped me to see that there were others ways I could still efficiently exercise through walking, running and cycling. I work at the local hospital to help with COVID testing so I took part in the Ditch the Car challenge and started walking to work. It’s not only great for physical health but it’s an excellent for mental health as well.

I then asked Aman what health benefits has she noticed now she is more active:

Since starting using the app, improving my diet and implementing further exercises into my daily routine, I have lost 2 stone in weight. I can definitely feel a difference in my mood and feel I am able to do more activities now than before. I also feel more confident in doing activities like climbing with my friends as I have improved my muscular strength and stamina.

Another feature I love about the app is it allows you to collect points and treat yourself to vouchers but also to donate those points to charities!’- Aman from Northfleet.

Big thanks to Aman for sharing this with the BetterPoints community. We are very proud to work for a company that makes such a difference in people’s lives. She has been picked to be our ‘Ditch the Car Star’ for December.

The colder months are tough to stay motivated and be active. We want to share more great user stories like Aman’s, so we are offering you a chance to shine and win 25,000 BetterPoints too.