When you think of a Garden City what do you expect? Lots of trees, lots of plants and lots of green?

Well in fact we are testing a ‘pictorial’ style of planting, involving lots of chalk and lots of seeds!

This type of planting makes the most of the cultural heritage of North Kent, reflecting the character of the chalky cliffs, whilst reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring plants are ready to survive climate change.

Our new technique will create attractive gateways in Ebbsfleet, making the most of the chalk in the area to beautify the roundabouts and verges, delivering impact and colour throughout the year. And the best part is, the use of chalk reduces the growth of weeds, avoiding the need for lots of maintenance to look good.

We’re already working on our first test site, helping us to understand which depths and types of chalk mix work best, to ensure when we start planting around the Garden City the plants will be a success.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but keep any eye out in couple of months for an update on how these seedlings are getting on.