This month has been incredibly busy in our household in Ebbsfleet Garden City, as we are fully back in the swing of work and school, as well as various home décor projects. The big news is I’ve finally got round to painting our family bathroom and ensuite, which has made a huge difference to the look and feel of both rooms. I can’t emphasise enough the power of paint – whether it’s a light grey to lend a subtle shadow to your walls, or bold colour to create a statement in the room. In this blog post, I’m going to talk over some of the upcoming colour trends for 2020, and how they are reflected in my home. Interior design definitely should not be able conforming to trends and changing your style every few months, however I do believe your interior style can evolve along with your personal tastes and with whatever inspires you.


Every year Pantone release their Colour of the Year, which is chosen by their experts at the Pantone Colour Institute who look for colour influences that reflect macro trends in culture, stemming from a variety of stimuluses globally. This can include the entertainment industry, artists, design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures, relevant social media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that gain worldwide attention.



I was thrilled when the 2020 Colour of the Year was revealed as 19-4052 Classic Blue, as this is a shade very similar to what I had already painted our downstairs cloakroom and lounge in 2019 – clearly I was ahead of the trends! Pantone state that this colour instils ‘calm, confidence, and connection’ that is much needed as we seek ‘a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era’. This description really spoke to me, as I do feel incredibly calm, connected and secure whenever I spend time in my navy-themed living room, a feeling that I am sure many would desire when moving to a new home in an entirely new neighbourhood. It seems like a good omen that the décor in the central room in our home evokes feelings of peace and tranquillity, as we are still finding our feet in our new neighbourhood in the Garden City.


Despite loving the deep, dark blue downstairs, my favourite colour is undoubtedly green. I’m in good company, as Dulux chose the soft grey-green Tranquil Dawn as their Colour of the Year, and Graham & Brown announced the rich Adeline Green as their chosen shade for 2020. Our master bedroom has a lush, tropical theme, and so I wanted to paint the ensuite a similarly opulent colour. A common interior myth is that dark paint colours make a room feel smaller. If you chose the right colour, this is just not true! Painting in a deep colour can camouflage the size of a room, as the shadows create a perception of depth. I selected Valspar’s pre-selected Misty Rainforest in the Kitchen & Bathroom finish, which is mould-resistant, wipeable and durable.



When you move into a new-build home, your walls will be white, if you’re lucky, or magnolia if you’re less so! While freshly painted, bright white walls are an absolute dream on completion day, trust me they will soon get rubbed and scuffed and chipped and watermarked (especially if you have toddlers running round the house like I do!). The paint most developers use seems to be a standard matt finish across the whole house, so we found that it wore particularly badly in the bathrooms, probably due to all the moisture in the air. I’d been itching to pick up my paintbrush and bring some colour into our white and grey bathrooms, however as they are high-traffic areas it’s taken me over a year to get started! When looking at the family bathroom, I wanted to stick to the green colour palette, but find a lighter shade that would complement our nature-inspired textured grey tiles and bamboo accessories. Silver Eucalyptus was the perfect tone, the light just bounces off it and yet at the same time gives off an incredibly peaceful vibe.

While these were the colours that I chose for my home in 2019/20, there are literally limitless shades available and whatever your preference, giving your home a lick of paint is the perfect way to refresh or make your mark on your property. Remember, most homebuilders will recommend you wait 6 months to a year before you decorate your walls (we waited 5 months and have had some cracks appear since that we need to paint over, but nothing major).


Next month signals the start of Spring, and I for one can’t wait to explore more of my ever-evolving neighbourhood in Ebbsfleet Garden City as the weather (hopefully) starts to get warmer. If you have anything you’d really like to read about, whether it be to do with living in Ebbsfleet, moving house or new-build related tips, pop me a message on Instagram at @lydias_layton_life and I’ll see if I can cover it in the next blog!