What was life like for you under lockdown? From 27th May to 6th June 2020, we asked local residents,what life was like for you during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, living in Ebbsfleet Garden City. We wanted to learn from you about what worked and what didn’t work in terms of your homes, neighbourhoods, and communities.

We asked you to share your thoughts and ideas of how Ebbsfleet Development Corporation could improve your experiences through future planning for the Garden City.

    • 119 local residents completed the questionnaire.  53% of respondents lived in Castle Hill, 34% in Ebbsfleet Green, 5% in Springhead Park with the remaining 8% living in Northfleet and Swanscombe.
    • 70% of respondents were aged between 19-39, with a further 29% being aged between 40-59.

Here is what you told us:

What are we going to do now?

  • We are going to support communities to come back together through appropriate and safe events and activities
  • We are going to look at ways to encourage and support volunteering and opportunities to be active in your community
  • We are going to help people to grow new ideas for their community through our Community Investment and Creative Ideas Funds.
  • We are going to empower local people to shape the development of the Garden City in the future through a new digital engagement platform
  • We are going to communicate with communities via new community noticeboards
  • We are going to look at new ways to welcome new residents to Ebbsfleet Garden City.
  • We are going to support our environment by bringing more trees into the Garden City
  • We are going to support our local economy and bring jobs and training opportunities to local people, working with regional partners and institutions
  • We are going to talk to people about our vision for health care in Ebbsfleet and invite you to work with us to shape a future Health and Wellbeing Hub for the Garden City
  • We are going to drive forward the delivery of new parks and open spaces and make sure that new facilities and shops open as soon as possible, particularly in Castle Hill