Ebbsfleet Garden City will have a new multi pound bridge which will link residents with the International Station.

The bridge will run from Springhead Park to Station Access Road, above the River Ebbsfleet.

The 40 metre-long structure will have access for all vehicles across two lanes as well as pedestrian footpaths and a cycle path.

Springhead Bridge will reduce travel times on foot from Springhead Park to the station from 25 minutes to just eight minutes and is set to open early in 2019.

Paul Spooner, interim chief executive with Ebbslfeet Development Corporation, said: “This is an important milestone for Ebbsfleet Garden City as we deliver the first piece of significant infrastructure that will be a huge benefit to existing and future communities.

“Not only will it significantly reduce journey times and provide health benefits by encouraging people to leave the car at home and walk to the station, but it will provide a direct route to Ebbsfleet Central, the new commercial area of the Garden City.

“As we connect the Garden City and make it a great place to walk and cycle in, the long term benefits of providing the Springhead Bridge are clear to see.

“The confidence in the Garden City remains unchanged and anyone in the area can see for themselves the real pace at which development is moving with the amount of work that is going on across all the sites.

Developer Countryside will now accelerate the delivery of its access road to the bridge from its Springhead Park development.


Iain McPherson, Regional Managing Director of Countryside, added: “We are delighted to be working with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation on this exciting project.

“Springhead Bridge will provide a significant link to the station for Springhead Park residents and having such a well-connected development brings enormous benefits to our existing and new communities.”

The concrete and steel structure, which will be used by vehicles and form part of a new Fastrack bus route, will now be subject to a detailed design plan with the highway authority and will eventually be adopted by Kent County Council once complete.

Last week, house builders told the EDC that it was still business as usual in the Garden City after the EU referendum result.

A meeting between Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, land owners and those building in the Garden City heard that developers are on track to start 600 new homes over the next 12 months.

There are currently 128 new starts on site in the Garden City including:

  • 22 in Eastern Quarry by Ward Homes
  • 31 in Eastern Quarry by Persimmon,
  • 30 in Ebbsfleet Green by Redrow
  • 45 in Springhead Park by Countryside.

Circle Housing is also starting on site this week to start on 125 homes in Castle Hill.

The new bridge also provides an important new corridor for future utilities in the Garden City.