EDC Board Meeting Public Notice – 21 October 2020

EDC Part I Board Minutes 16 September 2020

EDC-020-097 CEO Part I Report October 2020

EDC-020-098 Ebbsfleet Living October Board Report

EDC-020-099 Communications Update October 2020

EDC-020-099 Communications Annex A Media October

EDC-020-099 Communications Update Annex B October 2020

EDC-020-101 Planning and Housing Delivery Report

EDC-020-101 Planning and Housing Annex A Highlight Report

EDC-020-101 Planning and Housing Annex B Dashboard

EDC-020-102 Finance and Operations Annex A

EDC-020-102 Finance Operations Report October 2020

EDC-020-100 Appointments to EDC Board Committees and Other Groups

EDC ARAC Terms of Reference

EDC Planning Committee Terms of Reference

EDC Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Responses to Public Questions October 2020 – Final Draft