Ebbsfleet Garden City is to recreate parks indoors and is inviting people to come along and have a picnic – whatever the weather!

The family fun picnics will take place on Saturday 19 January at Ebbsfleet Academy and Sunday 20 January at Northfleet School for Girls, in an indoor park which will be created specifically for the events.

Come along between 10am and 3pm and take part in a range of fun park-based games – including a picnic which will be available throughout the day. Have a go at ‘hooking-a-duck’, get your face painted, take away a balloon model made for you and join the other games happening in our park. You can also learn about the different wildlife which lives within urban parks, and discover the history of some of the park sites around Ebbsfleet.

While you are there and immersed in the park environment, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will be inviting you to put forward your views on what makes a good park and what facilities you would like to see being made available locally.

As part of the corporation’s vision to support healthy and happy lives for its residents, seven  new major  parks will be developed across the city. The aim of these consultation events is to ensure that the parks are not only provided for the local community, but designed by the local community too.

The Garden City plan will create seven individual parks which have their own features and identity. Whether they are wetlands, riverside or quarries, woodland, open grassland or urban sites, each park will offer a range of facilities and environments for the local community to use.

So come and enjoy a picnic of sandwiches, cakes, fruit and drinks, and tell us what you would like to see happen in the new park spaces across the city.

For people who are not able to attend, but who would still like to contribute their ideas and suggestions, surveys will be available to be completed online or sent to a Freepost address.

Take part in our survey here