We are the local planning authority for Ebbsfleet Garden City. We assess applications from major developments to individual householders. You can view all planning applications in the Garden City and submit an application by following the links below. You can also view planning committee papers and dates.

For general planning queries please contact us on 0303 444 8832 or

Comments on planning applications

All information you send us in relation to a planning application is public information, including comments made by statutory consultees or neighbours.

Your comments will be available for public inspection on the internet and by law must be available for anyone to inspect. This includes publishing any comments on our Public Access pages, so please note your correspondence cannot be kept confidential. Your comments are reviewed and personal information such as your signature, email address or telephone number will be the only elements removed.

Planning Information Guide

Our Planning Information Guide, providing general information on Planning and the application process, as well as specific information relating to the role of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation as local planning authority for Ebbsfleet Garden City, is available here.

Residents’ Guides

We have developed a series of guides to help you with planning in Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Green and Springhead Park. Click here

S106 Financial Contributions Payments

A section 106 agreement is a legal agreement which usually relates to major developments. It generally includes agreements relating to the amount a developer will contribute financially to alleviate the additional demand on local services and infrastructure caused by the development.

The EDC will invoice for each financial contribution as it is triggered. On receipt of the invoice, payment can be made either by cheque or electronic transfer. Should you wish to pay by cheque, please make these payable to Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and send with a covering letter for the attention of the Development Monitoring Officer. Should you wish to pay electronically, please transfer payment to the EDC bank account as detailed on the invoice. When paying electronically, you will need to reference the payment to ensure the funds are allocated to the correct account.

Copyright notice

Images of plans, drawings and other material relevant to an application are made available on this site for public inspection purposes only pursuant to section 47 of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 so that they can be inspected at a more convenient time or place than would otherwise be the case.

Unless the 1988 Act provides relevant exception to copyright, the plans, drawings and other material on this site should not be copied without prior permission of the copyright owner. You should also note that you may not use documents electronically copied from this website for submission with new planning applications.

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