Planning Information

Pre-Application Advice

Before submitting a planning application, the local planning authority can provide informal advice on a development proposal, based upon the information and documentation provided with the enquiry.

Pre-application engagement is a highly valuable tool that offers significant opportunities to improve the quality of a scheme and efficiency of the planning application process, ease the understanding of planning considerations, and reduce the likelihood of an application being refused. The Development Corporation encourages engagement in pre-application discussions for any proposal within its boundary. Find out more here 


Sustainable Drainage

Kent County Councils ‘Drainage and Planning Policy Statement’ give guidance to developers and strongly recommends engaging with SUDS at pre-application. Click here for more information.

Grove Road Planning Application Handling Arrangements

These Handling Arrangements set out the administrative arrangements made by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) under Regulation 64(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 for the separation of functions between persons acting for or assisting EDC in its capacity as Local Planning Authority and persons acting for or assisting EDC in its capacity as planning applicant in connection with plans or proposals for the redevelopment of Grove Road. The Handling Arrangements document can be found here.

Kent County Council Highways Quality Audit

The EDC is committed to delivering high quality developments, ensuring the design of new neighbourhoods follow good urban design principles to deliver attractive, safe and efficient highways layouts.

Intrinsic to high quality schemes within major developments is the delivery of a well-designed public realm and movement network, that is, where people will move and interact.

Developers are strongly encouraged to engage in pre-application discussion since it offers significant opportunities to improve the quality of a scheme and understand any constraints. This increases the efficiency of the application process and the likelihood of a positive outcome.

The need for joined-up, collaborative working and early engagement with our partner authorities is a key element of this process.

Kent County Council and Ebbsfleet Development Corporation have together developed a highways Quality Audit programme. The Quality Audit is carried out by the KCC Development Team. This team is assembled by the Local Planning Authority and is made up of all relevant professionals at the highway authority and relevant local authorities. Its purpose is to work with the developer’s Project Team to achieve a high quality environment that is attractive, functional and safe. Within the Development Team there will normally be at least one Development Planning Engineer representing Kent Highway Services.

Significant advantages of this approach are that the developers can plan their presentation to suit their development programme and the Team can offer advice on key elements of the proposal at an early stage, thus minimising the need for costly changes later on.

The Audit will serve to bring together the various assessments of the public realm, movement network and service corridors above and below the surface. The Development Team, and not individual professionals, decides on the balance to be struck between matters of design and highway safety. This booklet provides more information on the process and sets out the Development Team’s commitment to contribute positively and creatively to development proposals within the EDC area.

The EDC will orchestrate the Audit and will sit within the assembled team. This process may be undertaken after an application has been submitted but developers are strongly encouraged to undertake a Quality Audit for their scheme prior to submission as part of their pre-application discussions.

EDC do not charge for pre-application. The developer will be expected to cover KCC charges in line with KCC’s pre-application charging protocol.

For further information or to request a Quality Audit, applicants should contact EDC.

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