New electricity transformers were delivered to Ebbsfleet Garden City  to help power up the area

The new transformers weigh 68 tonnes each and will play an important role in changing the voltage so electricity can be safely delivered to local homes, schools and businesses.

The equipment was unloaded at a new substation on site, and over the coming weeks experts from UK Power Networks will connect and test the new equipment.

It is another important step in the major electrical infrastructure project which UK Power Networks is delivering for Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. The investments will provide power to 15,000 new homes and businesses for decades to come.

Julia Gregory, director of projects with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, said: “Today marks an important milestone for us in delivering the core infrastructure required for the Garden City. Our forward funding of this major project ensures Ebbsfleet Garden City has enough electricity for its lifetime.

“And with our recent announcement that we have bought the area to create Ebbsfleet Central, a new commercial and property centre that will become the heart of the Garden City, this work also means that developers can get on site when they want and know they will have the required power to do so as we speed up delivery of the area.”

Liam O’Sullivan, head of capital programme delivery at UK Power Networks, said: “Construction work on the electrical infrastructure needed to power Ebbsfleet Garden City is progressing well. Our teams are on track to deliver the first stage of the electricity infrastructure works next summer.

“This new equipment will pave the way for the development of new housing, leisure facilities and jobs planned by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation over the next 15 years.”

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, which plans to invest £30 million in electrical infrastructure, was set up by Government to accelerate the delivery of thousands of new homes and create a city connected by the high speed railway to London and Paris.