Ebbsfleet Development Corporation has launched a programme with 40 partners that brings together all parties in Ebbsfleet Garden City to ensure a smooth delivery of housing and infrastructure.

The Single Integrated Development Programme, known as SID, will be used by all stakeholders in the Garden City to plan its delivery and ensure there are no ‘pinch points’ which would have an effect on the public.

The programme, with input from partners, tracks month by month with detailed mapping when new houses will be built, what vital infrastructure such as electricity will be installed and when road improvements will take place such as the planned A2 junctions.

It will give all stakeholders a picture of what happens and when and allow them to adjust works if necessary as well as build a picture of potential pressure points on things like access to skilled labour.

Julia Gregory, Director of Projects at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, said: “SID is a vital programme that will allow all stakeholders in Ebbsfleet Garden City to see exactly what everyone is doing

“This is particularly important as the EDC helps deliver 5,100 new homes by 2021 and allows our partners to ensure there are no significant clashes in works that could have a major impact on communities as well as allowing them to make sure they are able to access the right skills for their projects to deliver them on time.

“SID gives us a clear picture of how the Garden City will develop over the next 15 years as well as how other major projects, such as the Lower Thames Crossing, play their part in our development.”

Forty organisations are involved in SID including all house builders and organisations like Highways England, Department for Transport and Network Rail.