Public Art

Public Art refers to artworks in the public realm, either on public or privately owned land.

Public artworks are usually commissioned specifically for the place they are to be situated.

In the case of new developments, they are usually, though not always, commissioned and paid for by the developer as part of a contribution to creating a sense of place and identity or reflecting local heritage. 

Artworks can be in any medium and do not have to be permanent although historically they have tended to be sculptural.

Although EDC have not been involved in the design and delivery of public artworks in Ebbsfleet Garden City to date, we have developed a set of principles to guide and influence future public artworks. 

We are working with developers and their art consultants to help embed these principles and to ensure that residents can get involved in the process. 

 If you have an interest in public art, please contact EDC’s Cultural Development Manager. 

Ebbsfleet Public Art Principles, click to read 
(image: Rosie Lonsdale)