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Ebbsfleet Garden City’s Public Realm

Ebbsfleet’s streets and public spaces – known as public realm – covers more than 25% of the land area of the Garden City.  

The city’s streets, parks and open spaces are one of the most critical parts of the Garden City at Ebbsfleet.  Together these shared outdoor spaces will provide the space for a wide range of activities for the city’s residents and visitors, both humans and creatures alike.  

Today we expect our public realm to allow us to travel efficiently by car,  bus, on foot and by bicycle, as well as supporting us to exercise, socialise, relax, celebrate and play safely in a green and attractive environment. On top of all this, our public realm must also help to manage air pollution, minimise flood risk, and all while being affordable to build, manage and maintain into the future.   We often take our city’s streets for granted, but they work incredibly hard to keep us safe, healthy and active.  

What is the Ebbsfleet Public Realm Strategy ? 

Given these demanding requirements, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation has been working on a Public Realm Strategy in partnership with Kent County Council, to develop designs and guidance for the streets and public spaces in the 21st Century Garden City.   We have appointed Gillespies Landscape Architects to help us develop our strategy, which is organised into 6 design tools.  Each design tool is intended to help to tackle a particular issue, and help design teams, planners and the local community in designing greener and healthier streets and public spaces for Ebbsfleet.  

How can you help us develop better streets and public spaces in Ebbsfleet ? 

EDC is now inviting everybody to review the draft version of this Public Realm Strategy. You can download a summary of the document, and each of the 6 design tools using the links below.  

Introduction to the Public Realm Strategy     
Tool 1 :  Design Process     
Tool 2 :  Landscape Character Overview      
Tool 3 :  Healthy Streets Evaluation Framework  
Tool 4 :  Worked Examples    
Tool 5 :  Hard Landscape Guidance    
Tool 6 :  Planting Strategy    




The consultation is open until June 17th 2019, and you can provide your feedback to us by:

The online form below

Providing written feedback in your own preferred format and returning to Ebbsfleet Development Corporation,  The Observatory, Castle Hill Drive, Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Valley, Kent DA10 1EE 

Public Realm Strategy Feedback Form

We would welcome your thoughts and suggestions for how we could improve the guidance within the Ebbsfleet Public Realm Strategy. You can either answer the questions below, or provide more detailed feedback in the ‘any more comments’ box at the bottom of the page.

Ebbsfleet current streets and public spaces

What do you think are the key issues with the area’s streets and how would you like to see these addressed?

Landscape Character Overview:

Do the 4 themes capture the essence of the Ebbsfleet landscape character?

Are there any additional landscape characteristics within Ebbsfleet that should be included?

Healthy Streets Evaluation Framework

Do you think the 9 indicators cover all aspects of design for the public realm?

Are there any additional activities or services that the public realm should support which are not included in the Framework?

Street Designs

Are the worked examples aligned with your expectation for a street within a 21st Century garden city, and if not, what is missing?

Are there any features or facilities missing that you would expect to see included in a 21st Century Garden City street or pubic space?

What kind of facilities should be provided in the city’s streets and public spaces to support healthy lifestyles?

Hard Landscape Strategy

Do you believe the design approach for hard surfaces in Ebbsfleet will contribute to a characterful public realm?

Do you think the guidance on materials and colours for the hard surfaces and street furniture interprets the local landscape well, and if not how it could this interpretation be enhanced?

How could we improve the specification of hard landscape and street furniture?

Planting Strategy

Do you think the planting strategy references the existing landscape of the area appropriately, and if not then how could it enhance this referencing?

Further comments

Do you have any further comments , or specific recommendations for improving the guidance in the Public Realm Strategy?