The bridge funded by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation,  runs from Springhead Park to Station Access Road, above the River Ebbsfleet.

The 87 metre-long structure will have access for all vehicles across two lanes as well as pedestrian footpaths and a cycle path.

Springhead Bridge will reduce the reliance on the car for residents at Springhead Park and they will be able to walk to the station in seven minutes.

It is now open.

The design and construction of the bridge focused on providing access across the river whilst minimising the impact on the local environment.

Ecologists have been consulted throughout the project to prevent damage to the ecosystem and the team have programmed works to avoid noise that would impact on the bird nesting season. Prior to construction a special  barrier was installed to prevent reptile and amphibians from entering the site, therefore protecting the local populations.

Read about the bridge here and see how TV covered the final beam being lifted into place here 

Springhead Bridge is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme

registered ccs scheme

Timeline of our bridge including drone footage