Sustainable Travel Strategy

EDC has developed a sustainable travel strategy and would like your feedback on how we can improve the guidance to balance mobility for local journeys in Ebbsfleet.  

Why develop a Sustainable Travel Strategy ?

The way we choose to travel around Ebbsfleet has an impact on everybody within the Garden City.  The simple decision to hop in the car, walk, cycle, or catch the bus for short trips within Ebbsfleet can affect the air quality in our village, or the water quality of local lakes and rivers,  as well as the more obvious levels of congestion on local roads.  
For most of us convenience is critical as we go about our busy lives.  While we may aspire to live more sustainably, and be able to walk, cycle and catch the bus more often, we are only likely to do that if those choices are as convenient and attractive as hopping into the car.

Ebbsfleet is also being constructed at a time of significant change in the way we travel.  The impact of new travel technologies such as electric scooters and ride-hailing services, the rising cost of travel, and a growing awareness of climate change all needs to be considered in the planning of travel in the Garden City.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation  therefore developed the Sustainable Travel Strategy to provide detailed guidance on the design of sustainable travel and parking infrastructure within the city’s streets and buildings.   The aim is to design new neighbourhoods, streets and buildings with walking, cycling and public transport facilities that make it as convenient and easy to use sustainable travel options as it is to take the car.

How has the strategy been developed ?

EDC have appointed Stantec to undertake detailed analysis of how we currently travel in Ebbsfleet and the wider Kent area, to explore emerging technologies and travel behaviours and consider how this may impact travel patterns in Ebbsfleet.

This work has then been distilled into practical design guidance for provision of sustainable travel facilities, and the re-balancing of space to support these modes alongside the car.

The work has also been developed with Ebbsfleet’s Planning Committee, who have reviewed the analysis work and will be instrumental in applying the guide going forwards.

How will the strategy be used?

This is the third design guide that EDC has produced, following on from the ‘Design for Ebbsfleet’ character guide, and the ‘Ebbsfleet Public Realm Strategy’.  These  guides are intended to be used within the planning process as local design guidance, to provide clarity on ambition, and interpret local planning policy to enable delivery against the vision for a 21st Century Garden City in Ebbsfleet.

The Sustainable Travel Strategy fully aligns with the local planning framework.   Specifically, Dartford’s Supplementary Planning Document on Car Parking explicitly states at para 4.8 that   “Large developments and sites that are well served by public transport provide an opportunity for innovative car parking and management measures that could result in a reduced need for parking spaces.”

How can you help us to plan for more sustainable travel in Ebbsfleet? 

EDC is now inviting you to review the draft version of the draft Sustainable Travel Strategy. This is a critical area of concern for many in Ebbsfleet, and your views are therefore very much appreciated.

You can download the document below, and we welcome feedback on the guidance, through answering the questions below.

The document is split into three parts:

Section 1  Reviews how people currently choose to travel, and the impact that emerging technologies and trends may have on future travel decisions in Ebbsfleet.  The study provides a comprehensive understanding of the current situation, and the likely scenarios, to allow EDC to plan and design to better balance mobility in the future.

Section 2Sets out the vision for delivering sustainable travel in Ebbsfleet.

The vision is expanded  from five key travel moves  described in the Implementation Framework;

  • Enhancing public transport;
  • Enabling walking and cycling;
  • Creating quality streets and public spaces;
  • Developing a regional transport interchange in the heart of the city; and
  • Intelligent mobility management to create an integrated, responsive and smart travel system
  • Together these five programmes form a comprehensive delivery plan to balance mobility for everybody and reduce the need for many to own and store so many cars within Ebbsfleet.

Section 3Provides detailed design guidance for applicants preparing planning permissions in Ebbsfleet.  It sets-out a sequential process for developing facilities and site plans that support  balanced mobility

Download the document here

Public Engagement

The current consultation is open until 5pm on April 24 2020, and you can provide your feedback to us by:

Clicking on the Feedback button on the Sustainable Travel Strategy website (right)

Providing written feedback in your own preferred format and returning to:

Sustainable Transport Strategy, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, The Observatory, Castle Hill Drive, Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Valley, Kent DA10 1EE

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