The types of park

Current planning permissions within Ebbsfleet include a wide range of parks and open spaces that will cover over 43% of the city area. That is the equivalent of over 1000 football pitches, or 42 Bluewater shopping centres ! 

Most of these parks are either brand new, or on land that is not currently accessible to the public. 

In addition to the new parks within the redline boundary, there are a number of parks in the surrounding area that will also serve residents across Ebbsfleet. 

The Ebbsfleet Implementation Framework develops the Thames Estuary vision for a grid of green spaces connecting both existing and planned parks with green corridors.

The Framework also classifies these parks into 5 types/scales to allow us to plan for their delivery;

  • City Parks ​
  • Local Parks ​
  • Neighbourhood Parks ​
  • Pocket Parks ​
  • Meanwhile Parks